Baby-bottle, no way! It’s a “family-bottle”

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We asked Kerstin, blogger of the beautiful blog sanvie-mini to test the iiamo go bottle and were delighted to see the result: The bottle ended up being used by the whole family :o)
The youngest family member Emil is rather picky about the teats he accepts and Kerstin has tried out several different brands. So, the first test was to see, if Email would accept the teat. He did :o) Now, as Emil is being breastfed, the self-heating function is used by his sporty dad to produce a nice bottle of warmed fruit tee for their biking tours on cold days. Using the drinking spout accessory dad enjoys a zip of tea himself too. Kerstin has also adopted the iiamo bottle into her daily life. Being a breastfeeding mum, she has a constant feeling of being thirsty. She always carries the iiamo bottle + drinking spout with her.
Our opinion: The design absolutely allows the iiamo bottles to be used by grown-ups. We’ve heard of the bottles being used on racing bikes, in sport clubs and dancing studios. Great idea, Kerstin.

Read Kerstins blog post (in German) and see the pictures here

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