We want to share with you magnificent moments that other mums and dads encountered with iiamo’s selfheating baby bottle. Here in the blog you can read about parents’ user-experience and have a look on sometimes astonishing pictures… Not only babys seem to love the drinking bottles.

YES!!! iiamo go rocks! And we feel honoured. Here’s why.

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Well Rounded, a New York based, online community focused on modern parenting (maybe you’ve seen their website already) selected iiamo go as: “a baby bottle you need to know about”. Well Rounded offers advice and guidelines for parents to be. One of the most common … Read More

What is the difference between the iiamo go and iiamo home baby bottle?

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Quite often mums and dads ask about the difference between the self-heating iiamo go baby bottle and the conventional iiamo home baby drinking bottle. We think the following short video shows it the easiest way: Remember: iiamo go = your … Read More

Self-heating in Polish: This lady keeps you spellbound!

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We just came across a fascinating YouTube video explaining the functionality of iiamo go, our self-heating baby bottle… in Polish. Even if you don’t understand a word it’s really entertaining. Have a smile and a look at zabawkowicz.pl

Baby-bottle, no way! It’s a “family-bottle”

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We asked Kerstin, blogger of the beautiful blog sanvie-mini to test the iiamo go bottle and were delighted to see the result: The bottle ended up being used by the whole family :o) The youngest family member Emil is rather picky about … Read More

iiamo selfheating baby bottle tested by miBaby and parents

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The parent’s guide miBaby.de tested the “iiamo Starter Set” with a group of mums. The Set includes both kinds of iiamo baby bottles (“go” and “home”), iiamo warm heating cartridges as well as the drinking spout iiamo drink. The reactions … Read More

iiamo tested in South Africa

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Jules in South Africa recommends iiamo’s heating system to every mom …  who is travelling, who has a child who is very sensitive to the temperature of milk. Read yourself what she thinks about the super-easy way to warm baby milk without … Read More

iiamo tested in Australia

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iiamo go tested in Australia’s red centre. On their driving holidays the parents appreciated that they could warm the baby milk and feed their little girl without stopping. Read their story

Travelling through the world, I saw…

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iiamo self-heating baby bottle in the street, on the beach and so on  

More about the functionality

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How does iiamo go work? … or read more on our outdoor baby bottle!

Just found amazing Instagram pictures

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        … more pictures of self-heating iiamo baby bottles or iiamo pacifiers. Cute, aren’t those?

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