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In case you miss the instructions or safety guidelines you can download them from our instructions-page or check out our iiamo “how-to” videos with a lot of tips and tricks on the use of iiamo baby bottles and soothers.

1. iiamo go & iiamo warm

Can I bring the iiamo warm cartridge with me through airport security?

iiamo go is made for traveling. Especially when you’re on a plane or in an airport where it’s rather difficult to heat the milk for your baby, you have one worry less if you bring an iiamo go.
The heating cartridge iiamo warm contains less than the allowed 100 ml per item (47 ml to be exact), i.e. there is no factually reason why you shouldn’t be allowed to take iiamo warm through the airport security! We recommend that you either insert the iiamo warm in the heating chamber as described above or bring the original packaging to document its use.
Of course airport security employees are only human and you can’t totally rule out that somebody may find the cartridge a hazard or the heating process too mysterious and take the position “better safe than sorry”. That being said, we’ve travelled a lot carrying our products in our hand luggage without experiencing any problems. They normally ask what it’s for, that’s all.

Can I convert iiamo go into a traditional feeding bottle (iiamo home)?

But of course! You simply replace the heat camber bottom with iiamo more, the flat bottom.
By the way: iiamo go with a flat bottom = iiamo home.

Can I warm up less milk if my baby does not yet drink a full bottle?

The process in the heating cartridge is a pure natural reaction between dehydrated salt and water and as such the temperature itself can’t be regulated. Removing the heating cartridge itself before it has cooled off is not an option, because the cartridge as well as the heating chamber gets very hot during the heating process. This means that the milk gets a little warmer if the bottle is not completely filled (180 ml/6 oz.). Until your baby drinks a full bottle of milk you can compensate by:
1) warming up e.g. 3 oz. of milk and add 1 oz. of cooler milk
2) starting with fridge-cold milk that you’ve brought in a insulated bottle holder
3) pouring the heated milk in another bottle. The pouring alone will cool down the milk somewhat.
4) waiting until the milk has cooled down by itself
Please remember always to check the temperature of the milk by pouring a few drops on own your wrist until you let your baby drink.

Can the heater be removed during heating?

Until it has cooled down, the heater should not be removed from the iiamo go bottle, as an activated heater can become very hot! Do also not remove the iiamo warm cartridge while active / in use.

Can the iiamo warm cartridge be disposed of in the bin?

Yes! iiamo warm and its content of salt and water can be disposed of in the bin. We only use 14 g of the plastic material polypropylene (PP) for an iiamo warm (the weight corresponding to less than half of an empty ½ liter water bottle). In addition PP is considered one of the most environmentally friendly types of plastic, leaving only CO2 and water after complete combustion.

For how long will iiamo go keep the milk warm?

iiamo go will keep the drinking temperature for about 15-20 minutes depending on the surrounding environment.

How can I tell if the heating cartridge has already been used?

A used cartridge is hard whereas an unused cartridge is softer and makes a rattling sound from the salt when shaken.

How do I make sure that the milk has the right temperature?

iiamo go warms up milk (baby formula or breast milk) to drinking temperature (max 37°C / 99°F) when the milk poured into the bottle has room temperature (ca. 21°C / 70°F), and the bottle is filled up completely. If the milk is colder or warmer or if the bottle is not filled completely, the result can vary a little.
Remember: Always test the temperature of the milk before you feed your baby.


How do I prevent the iiamo warm cartridge from activating in my bag?

Put iiamo warm into the heating chamber in your iiamo go. Now screw on the bottom trigger with the trigger mechanism pointing to the outside. Now your iiamo warm is protected and can be activated as usual by turning the bottom trigger to the inside of the bottle.

Better than words: A short ‘how to’ video that shows the trick:

How does iiamo go work?

iiamo go can warm up milk toto drinking temperature in approximately 4 minutes without electricity or cords.
1. Insert the iiamo warm heating cartridge into the iiamo go bottle and turn the bottom trigger all the way. 2. Shake the bottle gently to mix the water and salt in the cartridge to activate full heating. 3. Wait 4 minutes, occasionally shaking gently to make sure the heat is distributed evenly in the milk. Now your warmed feed is ready.
See also the video on YouTube.
If the milk poured into the bottle is colder or warmer than room temperature or the bottle is not filled up completely, the result can very a little. Therefore remember to always test the temperature of the milk before you feed your baby.

Note: you can warm baby formula as well as breast milk.
More information on the iiamo go self heating functionalities you can find on the iiamo go page or have a look on the instructions.

How many times can iiamo warm be used?

One time! iiamo warm is a disposable heater. Once the salt and water has been mixed it is impossible to separate again – at least without adding chemicals.

Is iiamo go expensive to use?

Parents primarily use iiamo go’s self-heating possibility when they are “on the go” and don’t want to stress themselves considering where the next conventional heating sources for the baby’s bottle is, e.g. when going for a stroll in the park, shopping groceries or when they are travelling. Some parents also appreciate the simple heating of baby’s milk late at night. The freedom iiamo go gives you in these situations outweighs the cost of a heating cartridge by far.
For the daily use at home we recommend the classic solution, i.e. the iiamo home bottle or iiamo go with the flat bottom. And… when you don’t need the service of a classic baby bottle anymore, you can expand it with the drinking spout (iiamo drink) and use it as a drinking bottle for kindergarten or sports.

Is the content of iiamo warm (heating cartridge) dangerous?

No, the content of iiamo warm, dried salt (CaCl2) and water is not dangerous. This does not mean, however, that you should drink from the heater, as the salt concentration is very strong.

Is there an instruction how I can activate the iiamo go/warm?


Fill up the bottle with breast milk or formula feed.

iiamo go activation
1) insert iiamo warm and turn trigger all the way
2) shake gently to activate full heating, wait 4 minutes occasionally shaking gently
3) your warmed feed is ready – always check the temperature before feeding

If you already have an iiamo go, you can also find it on the package or have a look on our instructions page where you can find instructions for use on all iiamo baby products.


What is the capacity of an iiamo go bottle?

iiamo go is a 2in1 baby bottle. How much it holds depends on the bottom you use:
1. The flat bottom for regular feeds: up to 380 ml / 13 oz.
2. The bottom with the heat chamber for self-heating use: up to 180 ml / 6 oz. However, if your baby requires a bigger meal than 180 ml. you can add more milk once your baby has taken some of the milk, as iiamo warm will keep working for approximately 20 minutes after being activated.
By the way: iiamo home = iiamo go with the flat bottom.

Where does the heat come from?

An iiamo warm cartridge contains water and dried salt (CaCl2) in 2 separate chambers. When activated, the water and the dried salt in iiamo warm mix, re-hydrating the salt and beginning a pure, natural heating process. The secret is the exceptional dryness of the salt, and the subsequent high energy released when that salt meets water.

Why is iiamo’s heating cartridge disposable?

Our heating patent favors convenience and flexibility for parents on the go while keeping the environment in mind: minimum waste vs. easy handling, no forgotten re-charging and a quick solution to a stressful situation.
By the way: iiamo warm is made of salt, water and only 14 polypropylene (PP), one of the most environmentally friendly types of plastic leaving only CO2 and water after complete combustion. Who can say that about the plastic water bottles and the to-go coffee cups we consume every day?

Why is the trigger, that activates the heating sometimes a little hard to turn?

We can think of 2 reasons:

  1. You may have noticed that the bottom of the iiamo warm heating cartridge is flexible. On the inside of the cartridge there is a cone-shaped room ending in a rounded spike. When you turn the trigger, you force this “spike” to move upwards. The aim is to break the foil separating the 2 chambers in the cartridge. When that happens, you will hear a light snap. Now the contents can mix and the heating process starts.
    TIP! Before turning the trigger, make sure that you push the iiamo warm heating cartridge as far into the bottle as it goes. That will make it easier for you to turn the trigger.
  2. A “used” iiamo warm cartridge is harder than an un-used one. If the cartridge in your bottle has already been used, it is very hard to turn the trigger when you try to activate it.
    CHECK! In an unused cartridge, the salt is loose and separated from the water.

2. iiamo baby bottles in general (iiamo go & home)

Can I heat milk in my iiamo bottle in a microwave oven?

iiamo bottles are of high quality and suitable for microwaves, but we don’t recommend heating bottles in a microwave
as this can destroy nutrients and lead to hot spots in the milk. Remember: Always check the temperature before feeding your baby!
Note! If you have an iiamo go with a steel heat chamber, make sure not to put the steel into the microwave oven.

Can I use teats from other brands on iiamo baby bottles?

The iiamo teats are universal and can be used on most other baby bottles, except Tommy Tippee who works with their own special form. This goes the other way around too: most common bottle teats will suit on the iiamo baby bottles.

Can I wash my iiamo bottles in the dishwasher?

Yes! And because an iiamo bottle can be taken completely apart incl. the bottom, you can make sure that it gets 100% clean. Note! If you have an iiamo go with a stainless steel heat chamber, the chamber should not be put into the dishwasher.

Do I need a special cleaning brush for the bottle?

No! An iiamo bottle can be disassembled completely and put together again easily. You can even take the bottom off and thereby reach every inch of the bottle inside, i.e. no special bottle brush needed.

Does the iiamo flow teat prevent baby colic?

Research indicates a connection between vacuum in the baby bottle and colic. Our teat, iiamo flow has a built-in anti-colic ventilation system, allowing the bottle to adjust the intake of air. Thereby vacuum in the bottle is prevented, lowering the risk of baby swallowing air and becoming colic.

How can turn my baby bottle into a drinking bottle?

When your child is too big for a baby bottle, just replace the top with the drinking spout “iiamo drink” to get a great looking, designer drinking bottle for kindergarten, school or sports. Even dads are seen driving with an iiamo drinking bottle on their racing bikes.

How do I most easily remove the cap of an iiamo baby bottle?

Just snap off the cap by pressing a thumb on the most upper (back) side of it.

Better than words: A short ‘how to’ video that shows the trick:

Is there a special thought behind the shape of the iiamo bottles?

The bottles are shaped for all hand sizes to easily hold and control. The cleverly angled neck serves the purpose of giving you a more comfortable feeding position.

What is the difference between the iiamo go and -home baby bottle?

iiamo go is a 2in1 baby bottle coming with 2 interchangeable bottoms:
1. Self-heating use: On the go iiamo go is appreciated as a self heating baby bottle with a capacity of 180 ml/ 6 oz. and the ability to warm milk from room temperature to drinking temperature within 4 minutes without the use of electricity or the need to prepare the heating cartridge – not before, not during and not after the feeding. For this the bottom with the heating chamber is used.
2. Regular use: With the flat bottom iiamo go serves as a classic baby bottle with a capacity of 380 ml / 13 oz. (=iiamo home)
iiamo home is practically iiamo go without the heating possibility, i.e. a design baby bottle with a flat bottom for regular use and a capacity of 380 ml / 13 oz.
Both bottles come with the iiamo flow teat made of 100% pure silicon with a built-in anti-colic ventilation system, allowing the bottle to adjust the intake of air. Thereby vacuum in the bottle is prevented, lowering the risk of your baby swallowing air and becoming colic.
Moreover both can be extended with the accessory iiamo drink and used as a drinking bottle.

Good to know: All parts of the iiamo go and iiamo home baby drinking bottles are interchangeable!

Better than words: A short How to video that shows the difference between our travel bottle iiamo go and the classic baby bottle iiamo home.


Those explanations and other “how to videos” you can also find in our blog!

Where are the iiamo bottles manufactured?

iiamo go and home are made in Denmark, because all plastic parts incl. the heating chamber are produced in Denmark. Because they are experts in silicone, the teat (iiamo flow) is produced by our partner in China. The iiamo warm heating cartridge is manufactured in the Czech Republic (EU).

Which material are iiamo teats made of?

Our teats, iiamo flow, are made of 100% silicone. This also goes for the teats on the pacifier iiamo peace.

Which type of plastic is used for the iiamo bottles?

The iiamo bottles are made of the plastic material polypropylene (PP) which is considered one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly types of plastic. After complete combustion, PP only leads to the emission of CO2 and water. In addition, PP does not contain BPA (Bisphenol-A) and iiamo products don’t contain BPS!

Which type of teat is suitable for the iiamo bottles?

iiamo’s own symmetric teat, iiamo flow, should ideally be used with the iiamo bottles. It’s available in 3 different sizes with an increasing number of holes for the milk to flow through: 0m+, 3m+ and 6m+. That being said most other major teats brands are compatible with our bottles too.

Why is it important that the milk is warmed up?

Almost all health organizations, including WHO, agree that breast milk or formula milk should be served at a temperature corresponding to body temperature. The primary reason is that cold milk will cool down the baby, and the baby will subsequently need to spend a lot of energy warming up the milk inside his body.

Why is my bottle leaking from the top?

There are 3 possibilities:

    Check that you’ve remembered to insert the sealing disk after pouring milk into the bottle
    The connector attached to the bottleneck might be screwed on crooked. (A small opening between the bottle itself and the “teat-part” is part of the design).
    The teat is not closing tight onto the inside of the connector: The silicone at the inside the connector prevents the bottle from leaking. To secure a tight fit, just unscrew the connector, dismantle and re-mantle the teat, pull it upwards in all directions and screw on the connector again.

3. Accessories

Does the drinking spout (iiamo drink) fits all iiamo bottles?


How do I clean / disinfect iiamo peace and iiamo string

Quite easy: we recommend scalding for a short time.

How do I exchange the pacifier on iiamo string?

iiamo string is equipped with a flexible silicone ring which is easily connected and dis-connected to the knob of the iiamo peace pacifier.

Better than words: A short ‘how to’ video that shows the exchange:

Why are there holes in the wings of iiamo peace pacifier?

The peace pacifier has been designed with air vents which prevents rashes around your baby’s mouth.

Why can I only buy string together with an iiamo peace pacifier 0-6 m?

iiamo string is designed to be used with iiamo peace pacifier. The teat size of the attached iiamo peace is 0-6 months as most babies will need iiamo string from their very first months. However, as your baby grows bigger you just buy iiamo peace 6+ months and attach the string to the larger pacifier – it is easy to do due to the silicone adapter on iiamo string.

Why does the pacifier teat have that specific shape?

Research shows that an orthodontic teat shape reduce the risk of open bite. This is why we have chosen that shape for our iiamo peace teat.

4. iiamo in general

Do iiamo products contain BPA (Bisphenol-A), BPS or phthalates?

NO! And our products are also 100% free from parabens, harmful colors and perfume.

Have iiamo products been tested?

Yes! All iiamo products have been tested in cooperation with amongst others the DHI Group.

  • All iiamo products observe the current standards regulating safety requirements for teats, feeding bottles and other baby products (European Standards EN 1400 and EN 14350 and other appropriate standards).
  • iiamo more and iiamo drink comply with and are tested according to European Standard BS EN 14350-1-2.
  • iiamo peace comply with and is tested according to European Standard BS EN 1400-1-2-3.
  • iiamo string comply with and is tested according to European Standard BS EN 12586.

Most importantly, iiamo sets its own, even higher standards, which are more extensive than the international standards.

What does the name iiamo mean?

iiamo is inspired from the Italian word “andiamo”, which can be translated into “let’s go!” It’s an encouragement to stay active and flexible while enjoying that wonderful “life after birth” with your baby. Don’t think about when and how to warm the next baby bottle of milk. Just pack your iiamo go, bring an iiamo warm heating cartridge or two and off you go to a cosy picnic in the park, to buy groceries in the supermarket, to your favourite café, to the beach – or to the airport. Less planning, more adventure.
iiamo stands for developing innovative baby products, which will match your everyday life being a mom or dad – and maybe even give you a break. We make baby products without BPA, parabens, phthalates, perfume and other harmful substances. And because we like things to be not only functional but also beautiful, we design our products in cooperation with Karim Rashid, one of the world’s leading industrial designers.

Who is the designer behind the iiamo products?

All iiamo products have been designed by Karim Rashid. Karim is one of the world’s most acknowledged industrial designers, having won numerous awards for his designs and created significant new products from lamps, furniture and perfume bottles to art and hotel interior design for world-leading companies such as Kenzo, Prada, Issey Miyake, Method, Samsung, YSL, Sony, Audi, Lacoste and Ralph Lauren, just to name a few.
iiamo has proudly entered into global exclusivity for all baby care products with Karim, and we look forward to working with him on developing more amazing products under the iiamo baby care brand. Read more about Karim Rashid on Karim Rashid’s Homepage and on Wikipedia.