What are the advantages of the iiamo warm heating cartridge compared to a a rechargeable one?

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With the disposable iiamo warm heating cartridge you are always prepared for spontaneous activities with family and friends.

1. iiamo warm offers spontaneity, because it’s always ready-to-go

A rechargeable cartridge (RCC) needs to be prepared.


2. Once bought an iiamo warm doesn’t produce any added costs or effort.
Recharging costs electricity and needs preparation.


3. With a few iiamo warm you can be out ‘n’ about the whole day.
A RCC will usually just heat one bottle per charging.


4. An iiamo warm cartridge is light.
A RCC is rather bulky.


5. Every iiamo warm gives you full heating power.
The power of a RCC tends to decline over time.


6. An iiamo warm cartridge has no expiration date.
An RCC is normally to be used within a short time span and then exchanged for a new one.