Check out our new iiamo “how-to” videos!

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You already know you can find useful tips and tricks on how to use the baby bottles, iiamo go and iiamo home, the iiamo peace soother etc. in our FAQ. We also provide answers to the most common questions about our self-heating baby bottle.
BUT pictures and videos are often more explanatory than text…

Here we show the easy way to klick the lid of an iiamo baby bottle.
> Read more in the FAQ

Or a simple trick to prevent an iiamo heating cartridge from activating outside the baby bottle.
> Read more in the FAQ

We also show you the difference between the classic baby bottle, iiamo home and the self-warming iiamo go travel bottle.
> Read more in the FAQ


Beside the drinking bottle tips, we also have a soother trick up our sleeves:

A short video shows you how the iiamo string soother holder protects the pacifier from dirt until it is needed again.
> Read more in the FAQ


We are looking forward to receiving your questions and requests for other iiamo videos. If you have already made an iiamo “how-to” video and would like to share it with others, just forward it to us. We and many other parents are looking forward to videos, reports and pictures on your “on the go” use of the self-heating iiamo go bottle.

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