Without iiamo go, no stroll through the town

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The French blogger: “Je suis maman” (translates into “I’m mum”) is happy! Her newest discovery is iiamo go, that allows her to make well-tempered milk while strolling through the town with her baby daughter – and that without preparation or the need of an external power source! Until now she always prepared the bottle using stale water from a thermos flask.

Especially when shopping, pulling a bottle of warm milk “out the hat” in a few minutes is very comfortable and stress-free. For the warming, she only needs an iiamo warm heating cartridge. TIP! Because her little one has a much-preferred bottle teat, she just uses that one with her iiamo go baby bottle.

Read more about her test of ” biberon auto chauffant de la marque iiamo”, i.e. the self-warming iiamo baby bottle, in her blog.
It’s in Frence, but with Google Translate very good to read. Enjoy!