Anti-Colic teat, iiamo flow (3 pcs.)


The silicone teat iiamo flow fits perfectly on an iiamo go or iiamo home baby bottle. iiamo flow teats have an integrated anti-colic ventilation system.

One box contains 3 teats.

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The anti-colic baby bottle teat iiamo flow is made of 100 % pure silicone. The bottle teat has a diameter of approx. 4,9 cm and fits both iiamo go and iiamo home bottles (see also the Product Information).
The ventilations system helps to prevent colic as the baby swallows less air.
The teat is BPA-free and meets the requirements of EN14350 (the European Standard for Children’s Drinking Equipment).
iiamo flow is available in 3 sizes, depending on the age of your baby; the number of holes increases with the age of the baby.
  • Size 1 for newborns with 1 hole (0m+)
  • size 2 for children from 3 to 6 months with 2 holes (3m+)
  • size 3 for children older than 6 months with 3 holes (6m+)
The diameter of the teat is approx. 4,9 cm

The iiamo teats are universal and can be used on most other bottles, except Tommy Tippee who works with their own special form. This goes the other way around too: most common bottle teats will suit on the iiamo bottles. Therefore: If your baby is a little picky about the teat, you can just use the favourite teat with your iiamo bottles.

10 gr.
3 iiamo flow teats per pack
Made of:
100 % pure silicone. Free from BPA, parabens, phthalates and perfume.
Sterilize before use, e.g. by pouring boiling water over the teat. Actual boiling could cause deformation.
Check the teat before use and dispose of it at the first sign of defect, damages, or wear.