ECONOMY PACK, iiamo go

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With the iiamo go economypack you will be prepared for all your outdoor acitivities.

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  • Together with an iiamo go, that can be used as a classic baby bottle at home, you’ll get
  • 2×5 iiamo warm heating cartridges and
  • a drinking spout iiamo drink, so you can turn your baby bottle into a drinking bottle for sports or kindergarten.

iiamo’s awarded heating functionality warms baby’s milk within 4 minutes – using only salt and water. That’s sustainable energy!



Save 5,85 € with the iiamo economypack!

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With the iiamo Economy Pack you receive an 2in1 baby bottle iiamo go for your relaxed outdoor activities and 2 packs of heating cartridges iiamo warm and also the iiamo drink drinking-spout to use the bottle as a drinking bottle for kindergarten or sports.
Our award-winning iiamo go baby drinking bottle comes together with an anti-colic teat. This built-in anti-colic ventilation system prevents vacuum in the bottle and so lowers the risk of your baby swallowing air and becoming a baby colic.
For the daily milk-feed at home you use the iiamo go as a classic baby drinking bottle. Just replace the heating chamber with the flat bottom iiamo more which is included in the package.
You will love it for all your outdoor activities as you don’t even think about when and where to warm the next bottle of milk when you’re on the go. Just pack the iiamo go baby bottle, bring an iiamo warm heating cartridge or two and off you go to a cosy picnic in the park, the zoo, the supermarket, your favourite Café or to the airport for a family holiday. Some parents also appreciate the simple heating of baby’s milk late at night. Less planning, more adventure!
For this excellent idea, iiamo got awards like the “Kind+Jugend Innovation Award”.
“2in1” in a view words:
  • On the go you will love your baby bottle iiamo go for its self-heating functionality. As you can warm milk for your baby (formula or breast milk) within a couple of minutes – without cords or batteries or recharching.
    Here’s how it works: Insert an iiamo warm heating cartridge into the heating chamber of your iiamo go bottle and turn the bottom trigger all the way, shake the bottle gently and occasionally for 4 minutes. Now your warmed feed is ready.
    pictogram on the functionality of iiamo go self heating baby bottle
    Curious? Watch our video – also on YouTube
    Being a disposable heating cartridge iiamo warm doesn’t need a recharging. Just grab a few iiamo warm together with your iiamo go bottle and off you go.
    Also an advantage: baby’s milk won’t be overheated and that retains all the valuable nutrients and vitamins.
  • Your multifunctional baby bottle iiamo go is also perfect for the daily use at home. Here you use the iiamo go with the flat bottom iiamo more which is included in the package; now you have a classic baby drinking bottle.

Babyhealth and safety
The ventilation system of the silicone teat iiamo flow allows the drinking bottle to adjust the intake of air. So vacuum in the baby bottle is prevented and the risk of your baby swallowing air and becoming colic will be lowered.
Like all our products also the iiamo baby drinking bottles are free from BPS and BPA, parabenes, phthalates, parfum and other harmful substances. They fulfill all EN 14350-1 and -2 requirements, the European Standard for Children’s Drinking Equipment.
Hygienically clean baby bottle – made in Denmark
The bottle can be disassembled completely and so it is very easy to clean; you reach every corner inside. Forget about a special bottle brush or a sterilizer.
Award-winning design
The special design bears the signature of the award-winning industrial designer and father Karim Rashid. It also makes the bottle for baby hands gripped easily.
Information on iiamo warm

An iiamo warm cartridge only contains water and very dry salt in two separate chambers. When activated, the water and the dried salt in iiamo warm mix, re-hydrating the salt and beginning a pure, natural heating process. The secret is the exceptional dryness of the salt, and the subsequent high energy released when that salt meets water.
For more information please have a glance at our FAQ.

The iiamo go ECONOMY PACK prepares you for your outdoor activities. It gives you:
iiamo go 2-in-1 baby bottle
2×5 iiamo warm heating cartridges for 10 bottles of warm milk when you’re on the go
iiamo drink drinking spout. This turns the bottle into a nice drinking bottle for all the lovely after-baby-age years to come
iiamo’s awarded heating functionality warms baby’s milk within 4 minutes. The heating cartridges contains pure natural ingredients.
 See also our STARTER PACK, containing both our handsome iiamo baby bottles.
The package is available in four color-combinations: green/blue, orange/pink, white/blue or white/pink
1 iiamo go baby bottle with a detachable heating chamber and 1 iiamo flow teat made of 100% pure silicone (size 0m+), 1 flat bottom, 1 sealing disk (for leakage protection when the bottle is full)2 iiamo warm packs (10 heating cartridges)1 iiamo drink (drinking spout)
180 ml/6 oz. (with heating chamber) - 380 ml/13 oz. (with flat bottom)
210 gr.
The iiamo go baby bottle is used together with the iiamo flow teat.For warming the breast milk or formula feed you’ll use the heating cartridge iiamo warm.
Made of:
Bottle: Polypropylene (PP), one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly types of plastic. After complete combustion, PP only leads to the emission of CO2 and water. 100% free from BPA, free from BPS, parabens, phthalates, harmful colors and perfume.Teat: 100% pure silicone
iiamo go fulfills all EN 14350-1 and -2 requirements, the European Standard for Children’s Drinking Equipment.
Care:Always sterilize before use - either in the dish washer or by pouring boiling water over all parts. Actual boiling of the bottle parts can deform them. Diswasher safe!
Tip:Always check the temperature of the milk before feeding your baby. Always check the teat before use and dispose of it at the first sign of defect. Pull the teat in all directions before use to prevent leaks between teat and bottle.For easy removal of the bottle cap just snap it off by pressing a thumb on the most upper (back) side of it.iiamo bottles are of high quality and suitable for microwaves, but we don’t recommend heating bottles in a microwave as this can destroy nutrients and lead to hot spots in the milk.


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