iiamo go, 2in1 baby bottle with self-heating function

There’s nothing worse than your baby having a “milk-down” when you’re in a public place and you can’t do anything about it! The good news are, with the award-winning 2in1 baby bottle iiamo go and an iiamo warm heating cartridge you’re only 4 minutes away from a warm bottle of milk. Apart from being a conventional baby feeding bottle it also comes with an extra self-heating functionality. That gives you the freedom to warm a bottle of formula-, pre-mixed- or breast milk wherever and whenever!

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iiamo go’s self-heating function works completely without electricity or batteries, i.e. no cables and no irritating re-charging after each use. To heat a bottle of milk you just grab a disposable iiamo warm heating cartridge and insert it into your iiamo go, close the heating chamber firmly and shake the bottle gently. After 4 minutes the milk is ready! Why not go on a ativan? With a handful iiamo warm cartridges you are prepared for several bottles of warm milk. Now, if that doesn’t open up for spontaneous trips and adventures.

The heat comes from our disposable hearting cartridge, iiamo warm – also called: “nature’s little heating miracle”. Read about why a disposable heating cartridge makes sense here in our FAQ.  Nice, but… why modafinil? Well, it contains only natural ingredients: dry salt and water. When mixed, heat is produced. For this excellent idea we’ve won a number of awards AND we help families with babies to less planning and more spontaneity.

How does the self-heating baby bottle work?

Here’s how it works:

pictogram on the functionality of iiamo go self heating baby bottle

  1. Insert an iiamo warm heating cartridge into the heating chamber of your iiamo go bottle and turn the bottom trigger all the way.
  2. Shake the bottle gently to mix the water and salt in the cartridge to activate full heating.

Wait 4 minutes; occasionally shaking gently to make sure the heat is distributed evenly in the milk. Now your warmed feed is ready.

Check it out in this “how-it-works”-video too:

Advantages of iiamo go self-heating baby bottle

An iiamo bottle is easy to clean AND to dry. You can disassemble it completely to reach every inch inside. This is important for the hygiene in the bottle – and you don’t even need to buy a special bottle brush or a sterilizer.

iiamo go comes with the iiamo flow teat (0m+) made of 100% pure silicon. The teat has a built-in anti-colic ventilation system. This will adjust the intake of air and prevent vacuum in the bottle. Thereby it reduces the risk of your baby swallowing air and becoming colic.

The award-winning design bears the signature of the renown New Yorker industrial designer Karim Rashid. Karim is a father himself and that shows:
– The organic shape of an iiamo bottle makes it easy for all hand sizes to hold and control.
– The cleverly angled neck gives you a more comfortable feeding position
– The colours just make you happy.

All iiamo baby drinking bottles are free of BPA, BPS, parabenes, phthalaten, parfum and other harmful substances. They fulfil all EN 14350-1 and -2 requirements, the European Standard for Children’s Drinking Equipment.

Reminder: For self-heating use please also order the heating cartridges iiamo warm. They are not included.

Included:1 anti-colic silicone teat (size 0m+)1 baby bottle with a detachable heating chamber1 flat bottom for classic use1 sealing disk (for leakage protection when the bottle is full)
Capacity:180 ml (self-heating) / 380 ml (classic bottle)
Weight:210 gr.
Use:For a bottle of warm Milch you just need an iiamo warm heating cartridge (accessory, not included).
Made of:Polypropylene (PP). 100% free from BPS, BPA, parabens, phthalates, harmful colors and perfume.Teat: 100% pure silicone
Safety:iiamo go fulfills all EN 14350-1 and -2 requirements, the European Standard for Children’s Drinking Equipment.
Care:Always sterilize before use - either in the dish washer or by pouring boiling water over all parts. Actual boiling of the bottle parts can deform them. Diswasher safe!.
Tip:Always check the temperature of the milk before feeding your baby. Always check the teat before use and dispose of it at the first sign of defect. Pull the teat in all directions before use to prevent leaks between teat and bottle.For easy removal of the bottle cap just snap it off by pressing a thumb on the most upper (back) side of it.

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