GROWING-UP SET baby bottle iiamo home + iiamo drink


With this baby bottle set you get the iiamo drink drinking spout together with your iiamo home baby bottle for only 1,95 Euro extra. With iiamo drink you can turn the baby bottle into a sports- or kindergarten bottle and use it for many years to come. iiamo home baby bottles come in 4 happy designs, with an anti-colic teat (size 0m+) and an easy-to-clean-and-dry capability.

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The iiamo home baby bottles in a happy, colurful design are very easy to clean because the bottom can be detached. This great GROWING-UP BABY BOTTLE SET also contains the drinking spout, iiamo drink. You can use it to turn your iiamo baby bottle into a drinking bottle for kindergarten or outings – or how about taking it along on a bike ride.

With a capacity of 380 ml / 13 oz iiamo home has enough filling volume for babies and toddlers until 2,5 years of age.

Advantages of iiamo home baby bottles

Here the advantages of the iiamo home baby drinking bottle at one glance:

  • All iiamo baby bottles can be disassembled completely. In that way they can get 100% clean and dry. This is important for the climate in a baby bottle.
  • The capacity is 380 ml / 13 oz .
  • The 100% silicone teat iiamo flow (0m+) has a built-in anti-colic ventilation system, allowing the bottle to adjust the intake of air. This way, vacuum in the bottle is prevented and the risk of your baby swallowing air and becoming colic is lowered.
  • With the drinking spout, iiamo drink, the lifetime of your baby bottle will be increased by turning it into a drinking bottle.
  • The special shape makes it easy also for your baby’s hands to hold.
  • All parts can be interchanged between the classic iiamo home and the self-heating iiamo go baby bottle.
  • Like all our bottles, iiamo home is produced in Denmark and fulfils the European Standard for Children’s Drinking Equipment, EN 14350.

Difference between iiamo home and iiamo go baby bottles

Check our short video to see the difference between the self-heating iiamo go and the conventional iiamo home baby bottle:

Included:1 baby bottle with
1 anti-colic silicone teat (size 0m+)
and 1 drinking spout
Capacity:380 ml / 13 oz
Weight:150 gr.
Use:The iiamo home baby drinking bottle is used together with the iiamo flow teat
Made of:Bottle: Polypropylene (PP).
100% free from BPA, parabens, phthalates, harmful colors and perfume.
Teat: 100% pure silicone.
Safety:iiamo home fulfills all EN 14350-1 and -2 requirements, the European Standard for Children’s Drinking Equipment.
Care:Always sterilize before use - either in the dish washer or by pouring boiling water over all parts. Actual boiling of the bottle parts can deform them. Diswasher safe!.
Tip:Always check the temperature of the milk before feeding your baby. Always check the teat before use and dispose of it at the first sign of defect. Pull the teat in all directions before use to prevent leaks between teat and bottle.For easy removal of the bottle cap just snap it off by pressing a thumb on the most upper (back) side of it.