Soother holder and -cap, iiamo string


PROMOTION FREE GIFT: 1 iiamo string will be added to your oder for free!

This set includes the clever soother holder and -cap, iiamo string as well as an iiamo peace dummy in the size 0m+.

The cap of the soother holder also works as a dirt-protector when the soother takes a break in mum’s bag.

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PROMOTION FREE GIFT: 1 iiamo string will be added to your oder for free!

iiamo string is a need-to-have “soother holder + soother” set: The holder, iiamo string attaches to your child’s clothes and prevents the dummy, iiamo peace from falling down. It also works as a cap shielding the soother teat from dirt and germs when packed away in mummy’s bag.

The included comforter is for children aged 0-6 months. However, iiamo string is equipped with a flexible silicone ring which is easily connected and dis-connected to the knob of any iiamo peace soother. As your baby grows older you just change to the lager soother, 6m+.
A short ‘how to’ video that shows the exchange:


The long air ventilation holes in the dummy reduces the weight of the soother, lets air pass and prevents rashes around your baby’s mouth. The soother teat has an orthodontic shape. Research shows that this shape reduces the risk of open bite.
The silicone soother contains no BPA, no phthalates or other harmful chemicals. iiamo string is tested according to EN12586 (standard for soother-holders), iiamo peace soothers are tested according to the European standard for soothers EN1400.
iiamo string & peace is available in 5 color combinations.
20 gr. (soother holder).
1 soother string with an integrated soother holder/protector1 iiamo peace soother, size 0-6m.
Made of:
Pure silicone, Polypropylene (PP), nylon and stainless steel (the spring).
Clean before each use by point boiling water over it. Let it cool down prior to use.
Inspect the soother carefully before each use by pulling the teat in all directions. Dispose of it by the first sign of defect or wear.
Soother string and -holder/protector has been tested according to EN12586:2007+A1:2011, the European standard for soother holders.. Soother complies with all EN1400-1 and EN1400-2 requirements, the European standard for children’s soothers.Never lengthen the soother holder and never attach to cords, ribbons, laces or loose parts of clothing that could course strangulation. It is recommended that the soother holder should only be attached to a garment, and that it should not be used when the baby is in a cot, bed or crib.