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iiamo warm3 coming soon


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iiamo warm3 – a beautiful BABY BOTTLE and a BOTTLE WARMER

Wouldn’t you just love to be able to bottle feed your baby late at night without having to leave your bed? Or to take your baby on a trip without having to plan when and where to warm the next baby bottle? iiamo warm3 gives you the freedom to warm a bottle of formula, pre-mixed or breast milk whereever and whenever in just 4 minutes.

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iiamo warm3 – the BOTTLE WARMER you need

With iiamo warm3 you get a beautiful BOTTLE WARMER unlike any other you’ve ever seen before.
  • easy handling
  • a fully charged heating station works as a power bank with enough power for 3 bottle warmings
  • the bottle warmer takes up very little space in your kitchen, in your bag or next to your bed
  • bring the bottle warmer when you’re on the go. Or how about keeping it next to your bed for warm bottles late at night?
Of course the iiamo baby bottle can also be used as a classic baby bottle.
Here are your 3 short steps to a warm bottle of milk – wherever and whenever:
insert the heating cone, fill the bottle, place it on the heating station and push “ON”.
Your feed will be ready in just 4 minutes.

Here’s how it works:

3 short steps to a warm bottle of milk:


1. Insert the heating cone with the heating element into the baby bottle and fill the bottle (170-180 ml/6 oz).
2. Place the bottle on the heating station. Push “ON” to start. A green light indicator shows you the heating progress.
3. After only 4 minutes the bottle feed is ready. Turn the bottle upside down a few times to distribute the heat evenly.
– Feel free to remove the bottle from the heating station at any time.
– Always check the temperature of the feed before feeding your baby.


Product Details

Included: 1 chargeable heating station, 1 charger (110-240 V), 1 textile bag (for the heating station), 1 iiamo baby bottle, 1 sealing disk (for leakage protection when the bottle is full), 1 bottle lid, 1 anti-colic silicone teat (size 0m+), 1 heating cone, 1 heating element.
Capacity: 180 ml/6 oz with heating cone (self-heating baby bottle) / 380 ml/13 oz with flat bottom (classic baby bottle)
Weight: Heating station 310 gr. / baby bottle with heating cone and -element 173 gr. / Classic baby bottle 116 gr.
Product with package 717 gr.
Use: The chargeable heating station gives you battery power for 3 warm bottles.
Made of: Baby bottle: Polypropylene (PP). NO BPS, NO BPA, NO parabens, NO phthalates, NO harmful colors or perfume.
Teat: 100% pure silicone
Safety: iamo warm3 fulfills all EN 14350-1 and -2 requirements, the European Standard for Children’s Drinking Equipment.
Care: Always sterilize before use – either in the dish washer or by pouring boiling water over all parts. Actual boiling of the bottle parts can deform them. Diswasher safe!
Tip: Always check the temperature of the milk before feeding your baby. Always check the teat before use and dispose of it at the first sign of defect. Pull the teat in all directions before use to prevent leaks between teat and bottle.For easy removal of the bottle cap just snap it off by pressing a thumb on the most upper (back) side of it.

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