soother PACK with iiamo string FOR FREE

soother PACK with iiamo string FOR FREE


The special soother-combination pack includes:

  • 2 iiamo peace soother-boxes (4 pacifiers in 2 different colors)
  • and the pacifier-set iiamo string including one iiamo peace soother in size 0+ and a pacifier-box. Within the cute box, the pacifier wil wait safely for its next use.

Save now 9,95 € with your special soother-combination pack!


delivery time: 2-5 workdays within the EU*


The special soother-combination pack contains 2 boxes of the iiamo peace pacifier in size 0m+ (4 pacifiers in 2 different colors) AND the iiamo string-set.

As a “must have” for all iiamo lovers this pack allows you to get both top sellers at once!

With the soother mount the pacifier can easily be fixated on your baby’s cloths, and won’t ever get lost anymore. Additionally, you can always store your “not-in-use”-pacifier inside the clip mount and thereby stay perfectly clean.

The soother can easily be removed from the iiamo string and exchanged. The silicon ring at the string’s tail will thereby be attached to the soother’s knob.
Have a look on the ‘how to’ video that shows the easy change:

Our iiamo pacifier makes use of big ventilation holes to prevents skin irritations around your babies mouth. The iiamo peace soothers are purely made of silicon (100%) and thus, as all our iiamo products, free of BPA, BPS, paraben and phthalate, perfume and free of harmful coloring.

iiamo string is tested according to the standards EN12586. Our iiamo peace meets all standards of the European soother norm (EN1400).

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