YES!!! iiamo go rocks! And we feel honoured. Here’s why.

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well rounded recommends iiamo go baby bottle as one of the tops

Well Rounded, a New York based, online community focused on modern parenting (maybe you’ve seen their website already) selected iiamo go as: “a baby bottle you need to know about”.

Well Rounded offers advice and guidelines for parents to be. One of the most common questions they are asked is: “Which baby bottles should I go for?” After a research they put together a list of “9 baby bottles you’ll want to check out”. One of them is – YAY – iiamo go. Thinking of its extra self-heating function, iiamo go is mentioned to be especially useful for wanderlust families seeking to warm a bottle of milk when travelling – or being an afternoon away from home, we might add ;o)

iiamo go is a 2-in-1 baby bottle. As such it comes with two interchangeable bottoms: a regular one for home-use and a heating system that allows parents to warm baby’s milk on the go, in only 4 minutes, using the clever heating cartridge iiamo warm.

Does your family enjoy relaxed afternoons away from home too? Then check out our money-saving-packages, both coming with a set of heating cartridges (iiamo warm):
iiamo STARTER SET with an extra baby bottle iiamo home


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